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Howdy, I'm


Kasey Naví Phifer

Online Marketing Manager & Communications Specialist

Years of Experience

I'm an old hat in the field of SEO and translation, having cut my teeth in the fast-paced Berliner start-up scene. Now I bounce between the USA, UK and Germany, taking on carefully chosen clients.

I've Worked for/with...


Key Skills in Summary


Google Ads Suite
Email Marketing
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
WordPress, CMS, (X)HTML
Allow me to sell myself a bit...

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. I have a very strong work ethic and am very, very grateful to be at such a solid point in my career that I don’t have to compromise my integrity (or family!) in order to pay the bills.

Currently, I hold dual citizenship (USA and German) and reside in Bristol, England. I've dabbled in entrepreneurship since I was 18. I've had a checking account since I was 12. The beauty of the kind of work I do is that it combines the data of a tech-driven world with the exciting mystery of that human touch that can't be A/B tested. Here's what I do best, and love sinking my teeth into:
  • Designing SOPs & setting up smooth workflows

  • Helping build teams & grow their individual strengths to their fullest potential

  • Crafting marketing strategies based on hard data and customer / market insight

  • Breaking new ground & tackling new challenges

  • Critical thinking & decision making with high stakes

  • Rolling up my sleeves when needed, slipping into an executive role for copywriting, cold contacting, translating and whatever it takes to get the job done properly

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I often hop between time zones, so it's best to simply message me to arrange a chat.
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