Living in a world construed from words, we value both privacy and the right to freedom of speech.

The PHIFER Group has worked closely with international political movements, politicians,
leaders of sovereign countries and journalists. We are deeply honored by their confidence and trust.

We also take our translation and marketing endeavours seriously, for communication is a balance of understanding and listening serving.


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How We Protect Your Data

In this modern age, maintaining privacy requires more than a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement and encrypted files. The PHIFER Group does their utmost to maintain privacy and confidentiality, which includes:

  • Using privacy screen filters on laptops, tablets and smart phones (hereforth known as ‘devices’)
  • Taping over cameras on devices
  • Removing batteries from mobile devices during private conversations
  • Locking devices with passwords, not fingerprints
  • Encrypting devices and files with passwords and YubiKeys
  • Wiping devices remotely in the event of theft or seizure
  • Encrypting and automatically deleting emails sent via ProtonMail
  • Encrypting and automatically deleting messages sent via Wickr and Signal, although mobile devices are strongly advised against as a method of secure communication
  • Running secure Operating Systems (OS) on devices
  • Using secure locations for meeting & postal mailing

Whom to Best Contact

For protection of communication under certain governances, please be aware that The PHIFER Group is not one commercial entity but a cooperation of individuals operating under both private and commercial purposes. Each individual freelancer has varying levels of security with which (s)he operates. Below is a table with further information about each freelancer within The PHIFER Group.


Secure contact method
Ms. Phifer USA, German English, German, Spanish Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Typewriter Ubuntu, Win10, Android In person / hardcopy / via post to certain locations
Signal*: +49 176 577 ten 879
Mr. Gascoigne UK, German English, German, French Laptop Windows 7 In person / hardcopy
Mr. Lugo USA Spanish, English, German  Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone Mac, Android
Ms. Washington USA English, German Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone Mac, Win10, iOS Wickr: Contact for username
Ms. Janicki German German, Polish, English Laptop, Carrier Pidgeon (coming soon) Win10 In person / hardcopy
Mr. Tiutchev Russian Russian, English  Laptop, Smartphone Mac, iOS Telegram: Contact for number

*Update June 20, 2017: The security of Android’s OS is questionable according to Ms. Phifer’s most recent observations. Windows 10 OS is, as many hackers and technology enthusiasts have long suspected, proven to be compromised.

Important Security Reminders

1. Encryption is only as safe as the one who holds the keys.

Example: If your laptop is encrypted, but you write down your passwords and keep them near your desk, this is not secure. Trespassers (with or without a search warrant) can easily find and seize your list of hand written passwords.

Likewise, if you use simple or ‘weak’ passwords to lock your devices, these can easily be unlocked by simple guessing or automated cracking.

If you trust Windows Operating System, you may not be fully informed. Take time to read The Intercept’s article on Microsoft saving Windows encryption keys.

2. A man who does not know his rights has none.

Words cannot be unspoken. Make sure you know your rights (not just Miranda, but constitutional and otherwise). Ask for the credentials and identification of any authority attempting to excercize power over you — because it’s important to hold these individuals and institutions accountable.

3. Do Your Homework.

This plays off of the caution listed in #1 above.

For example, if you are a journalist working on an exposé concerning the U.S. government or large corperations closely tied to the U.S. government, you might not want to use the messenger WhatsApp for confidential communication. Although WhatsApp claims end-to-end encryption, the ones holding the encryption keys might be sharing that information with the FBI, NSA or partner intelligence operations.

For evidence of the U.S. government having close relations with tech companies, see the Washington Post news article “Obama’s top national security officials to meet with Silicon Valley CEOs“.