Kasey Naví Phifer


My Character & Hobbies

I am proud and honoured to be a third-generation Rotarian. As a member of the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club, I led the update of our club’s website in Spring 2021 and continue to maintain the website together with fellow Rotarians. I also help out with social media and assist in fundraising and recruitment activities in the English Southwest, District 1100 within the Rotary Club of Great Britain & Ireland.

My dedicated work during a critical time of need for our Rotary Club warranted a Paul Harris Fellowship Award in 2021.

I started playing piano at age 6, and to this day I insist it’s my second language — the first being love.

I abandoned the operetta I was writing when I dropped out of the Christian-Lutheran university to which I received a scholarship to attend. A couple years later, in a new country and new language and with a new name, I continued to write songs and poetry and short stories. In January 2021 I self-published my first poetry collection.

My Natural Leadership Abilities

From a young age it was apparent that I was a natural-born leader. I was voted captain of my High School swim team, was cast as Fantine in Les Misérables, won district Oratory competitions and had a blast rough-housing and joking with the guys during our welding classes.

I’ve become a leader through consensus or natural selection because of my confidence, honesty, integrity and genuine passion for helping others. My intuition and innate ability to think quickly in crises has established me as a natural leader and not the kind to take power for reasons of greed, malice or personal gain.

Recent Work

The Phifer Group

In 2015 I ventured into self-employment specialising in marketing and language services in both German and English-speaking markets. The majority of my clients were referred through word-of-mouth.

After being asked many times whether I could recommend a reliable, competent freelancer for other languages, I created The Phifer Group: A 100% transparent collective of freelance, native-speaking linguists. I trained them in Search Engine Optimisation for websites to rank well on Google and products to rank well on Amazon. I organised our multi-lingual contracts so questions were streamlined and workflow optimised through SaaS tools and training.

The Phifer Group grew into a multi-award winning collective of ten language specialists (including myself), two virtual assistants and one office administrator. In true, transparent and fair Berliner fashion we allocated a portion of the contract’s payment toward administrative work and marketing expenses. Any one of us in the group could choose to hop into the role of Office Admin and take responsibility for our shared email address: office@phifergroup.com. This proved very helpful when one member experienced internet outages, or took a long ‘digital detox’ holiday or reduced hours for maternity leave.

In 2019 I stepped back from my direct, day-to-day involvement with The Phifer Group to spend more time and attention on my new healthcare venture.

Current Role as Director

The National Centre for Electromagnetic Therapies
Community Interest Company

I founded this limited, not-for-profit company in the summer of 2018 after moving to the United Kingdom. The company promotes research of and accessibility to non-drug, non-invasive treatment options for physical and mental health.

Working on a case-by-case basis, I have reached new insights into the treatment of Eczema, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Endocrine Imbalance, helping hundreds of patients through home visits or in our Bristol area locations.

I was Lead Sponsor/Investigator in the world’s first clinical trial on chronic Lyme Disease. It was an unfortunate, innocent mistake: I was oblivious as to the origins of borellia Burgdorferi. I quickly wisened up and ceased all trade, research and marketing concerning this weapon of biological warfare, and moved into more hospitable territory.

In 2020 I began developing and perfecting algorithms which control Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) generators and sensors. My goal was to create a process that would scale rapidly and require radically less training for new therapists. I wanted to move away from reliance upon one source (i.e. brand, manufacturer or rare metal mined in areas where humanitarian rights are not respected), and expand into a more open-source network of technology guided by Artificial Intelligence.

The second clinical trial I was Lead Sponsor/Investigator of was a small pilot study using this AI-guided therapy for treatment of general PTSD and cPTSD in adults. It was a huge success quietly celebrated: Sleep-onset insomnia was reduced by more than 80% on average in just three weeks — and the number of sessions needed to achieve these significant, lasting results was far fewer than most competitors require.

Our little not-for-profit has humble beginnings, ethical distribution of funds, and a handful of employees. I am currently seeking an academic partner and funding for a large-scale Phase III/IV clinical trial.

Contact Me

For productivity’s sake I check my phones and email accounts twice a day at minimum.

My preferred method of contact is in person over a coffee or a beer, but you can reach me at any of the below contact methods including Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp.



+44 7394 870 156