Sellics organic traffic growth

The focus of content marketing for the client above wasn’t purely to drive organic traffic. The niche software company Sellics also wanted to improve their image and better align themselves with their German parent company, Marketplace Analytics. This involved localization of German content into the US market (see select content in the portfolio section below) as well as sourcing images, creating infographics, re-designing landing pages, etc.


There are two challenges facing modern content marketing: Pulling in traffic and engaging them. The graph below summarizes how Ms. Phifer successfully tackled these issues with the topic of Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Sellics.com.

Increase Organic Traffic. So-called ‘cannibalization’ and inefficient targeting of related keywords are a couple main reasons why content doesn’t pull in healthy organic traffic. The graph above is a key example of the optimization Ms. Phifer did for one topic on Sellics.com, namely Amazon SEO. By clearly targeting key search terms relevant to the topic (and therefore targeting people searching for information regarding this topic), organic traffic was increased 17%.

Increasing Engagement. A website can have plentiful traffic coming in from searches, but that is worthless if the website visitors aren’t engaging. It’s not enough to simply ‘boost traffic’ as the self-proclaimed SEO gurus would promise a decade ago. The key lies in utilizing your site’s traffic: Turn those visitors into leads and conversions, generate social mentions and Facebook Likes, collect emails of interested parties to approach them with targeted newsletters, enticing offers and other opportunities to build a solid customer relationship.

How to measure engagement of users on your website? There are certain features in Google Analytics such as Event Tracking, but there are even more tried-and-true metrics to rely upon such as average length of time spent on the webpage and quantifiable data collected, such as number of emails subscribed to the newsletter.

portfolio sellics optimization

In the example above, Ms. Phifer’s optimizations successfully increased the average time spent on this webpage by ca. 130%. Thanks to added graphics, overviews, a YouTube video in the sidebar and other layout elements, visitors to the page were much more engaged with the content — which leads to more leads gathered and higher conversion rates.


For a mailing list in the US market with ca. 60% US-based email addresses:

  • Open rates: 25.12% – 53.01%, average 33.9%
  • Click rates (as % of sent emails): 1.3% – 22.92%, average 7.21%