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Price List

All prices listed here are a general indication of expected compensation and are intended neither as quotes nor as obligatory offers. Prices vary according to task, timing, and deadline. Prices are subject to change. Please contact us with more information for a quote. Language services are almost always billed according to number of words; An approximate hourly rate has been included for reference. Please contact us for a different payment calculation method, for example per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or on commission basis.

Language Services

Proofreading (English & German)
Proofreading includes changes to formatting, layout, grammar and spelling. Rarely will phrases be changed or words replaced.
  • Proofreading, English: €0.015-0.025 per word | appx. €30-40 per hour
  • Proofreading, German: €0.010-0.025 per word | appx. €30-40 per hour
Editing (English)
Editorial services include rephrasing of sentences, writing new leads and ‘attention-grabbers’ as well as restructuring texts. Prices are based upon the word count of the original copy.
  • Editing, English: €0.02-0.035 per word | appx. €40-45 per hour
Copywriting (English)
Before engaging The PHIFER Group for copywriting services, please specify whether the text has (A) a requirement for word count, (B) is intended for online publication with SEO requirements, or (C) is intended for print publication with regards to formatting. Supported document formats include: Word, Excel, Libre Office (Writer + Calc), Google Sheets and directly in a Content Management System such as WordPress or MailChimp.
  • Copywriting, English: €0.059-0.3356 | appx. €40-60 per hour
  • Please note that keyword research is billed on an hourly basis (see below).
Translation, Transcreation & Localization (German-English)
Please specify whether the target language should be British or American English. The PHIFER Group specializes in the following topics of translation, transcreation and localization: Political Legal Business Tourism & Travel General Marketing & Ecommerce
  • Translation, German to English: €0.10-0.199 | appx. €40-60 per hour
  • Transcreation, German to English: €0.05-0.12 | appx. €35-45 per hour
  • Localization, German to (various) English: €0.132-0.429 | appx. €40-69 per hour
  Not sure which of the above is suitable for your needs? Translation is very direct and most always used for documents in the areas of business, legalities and politics. Transcreation is best when a friendly or casual tone is required, which includes the use of idioms, call-to-actions and other creative devices. It’s most often employed for product descriptions as well as travel and tourism texts. Localization requires thorough research, and is written with more depth than a simple legal document or product description. An example of a localized text would be an article about selling on Amazon — which has been localized from the .de market to the .com market with its different regulations (also requiring new screenshots, currency conversion from EUR to USD, etc.). Check out our portfolio for more concrete examples!

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Accepted Tender

Includes, in order of preference: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Euros (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Dollars (USD). Depending on which freelancer within The PHIFER Group you choose to hire:
  • Bartering is welcome
  • A 19% Value-Added Tax may be added within the European Union
  • Payment may be accepted to bank accounts in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland or Hong Kong